Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hergé, Tintin. Grand Palais

Yesterday the huge Hergé retrospective opened
At no less than the Grand Palais
The first image to greet you of Tintin's creator is an enormous blowup of his preparatory sketches larger than life size.
Who in the world hasn't heard of Tintin translated into a gazillion languages and loved by the world over.
But who thinks of Hergé as a serious artist worthy to be up there with the big names?
That's what this exhibit is about. It quickly becomes apparent from studying his drawings and loose sketches
Exactly how gifted Hergé was.
There weren't many situations he couldn't draw. None really.
Bruegel was an influence on his work along with other fine draftsmen.
And many contemporary artist will tell you Tintin had a big influence on them: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Fontana, Dubuffet among others.
10 rooms and two floors of examples make it easy to re-evaluate Hergé.
Models and movies tell the story in an interactive exhibit.
There's a universality to his images and a clarity. Who hasn't felt like this at one time?
Or experienced Tintin's wonderful sense of adventure?
Even dog portraits are included...
Is Hergé, Tintin and Tintin, Hergé? It must be so. Or is Tintin all of us? The kid in everyone will enjoy this terrific show at the Grand Palais, on until 15 January 2017. I will go back for another immersion.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paris Papeterie map and Pets in Paris Portraits

This is an alert to lets those anxiously waiting for their Paris mail to arrive...
The September map has shipped out today enfin!
Who doesn't love Paris papeterie (stationary) shops?
You'd have to be mad not to
Filled with such colorful goodies too.
Color themes that can break your heart...so beautiful.
Be like Marie-Antoinette and write with a Paris plume
Or plume de ma tante. So you should have the latest Paris map in your letter box shortly. FYI they will stop after April-May 2017 by the way. They do seem to drive me crazy monthly. Map makers are organized people as I found out the hard way. So Carpe Diem.
On the other hand (one wants to say paw..) all the big dogs in Dieppe reminded me that I miss painting their portraits.
Little dogs too barked a few times.
Then a sign came to me enroute to the pool the other morning. OK I know a duck is coming out of the back of his neck but this looks alot
Like my darling Rudi...non?
And you have been sending requests.
Painting your pets in Paris has always been a delight
So why not do them again. You can order directly in my Etsy shop.
S'il vous plait include tails and paws in your reference photos. Most helpful. The more photos the better and tell me the name of your pet. It helps.
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Fantin-Latour - musee du Luxembourg

Tuesday I was thrilled to attend the preview of the new Fantin-Latour exhibit at musee du Luxembourg. A lot closer then trouping off to an F-L retrospective in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2007.
This exhibit, subtitled 'under the skin' shows all aspects and obssessions of Fantin-Latour. He did a great many self-portrait. Who else is around to pose endlessly than yourself. He seems to be intensely glowering but if you're looking up at the mirror and then down at your paper I suppose its bound to happen. He did have lots of hair to contend with.
Portraits were one of his mainstays.
His family took the honors till the public recognized his talents.
He also did monumental imaginary homages to Delacroix and Berlioz (note the background large painting).
But its his still lifes I'm mad for.
Here's an early one.
He painted 500 still lifes!
I would have been tickled pink just to see them but no one asked my opinion...ahem
In fact Whistler encouraged him to come to London and paint still lifes and they took off.
Unfortunately my take off of F-L's lovely apricots (see above) are not so hot.
I felt a bit like this portrait of a painter gazing forlornly at a delicate bouquet. Note the empty canvas.
I've been doing much better with watermelon! Cocomera or pastaque if you're Italian or French. Several are up on Etsy now.
Back to flower still lifes.
Breath taking no?
This glass water jug with roses is one of his finest.
And the piece de resistance was painted as an engagement gift to his fiancee. They did not marry until eight  years later, which speaks volumes about Fantin-Latour. Too busy painting I guess..
You'll find lovely floral patterned scarfs and floral scents in the Luxembourg museum gift shop. This is a painter worth discovering if you dont know his work. The exhibit is on until February 12, 2017.
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