Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Loupot, Depot-Vente Map

The Roaring 20s (l'Années Follies) are hot in Paris right no.
A free exhibit of master poster designer, Loupot is on at Bibliotheque Forney, 1, rue Figuier, 4e
Quite the dandy as a young artist, Charles Loupot was born in Nice, studied at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon.
And moved to Paris in 1923.
This carrot-top girl dressed all in orange eating a chocolate bar is a shock.
Loupot's figures are like sculptures.
The big shapes dominate the picture plane, yet are still feminine
Loupot worked with industrial clients. His forms are simplified, direct and fresh.
Loupot's Art Deco posters for aperitif St.-Raphaël. These designs covered metro station walls, trucks, drink glasses, even bottle openers. This is an exhibit worth a visit.
If you're looking for vintage clothes, especially to match Loupot's rouge et noir color scheme try Paris' depot-Ventes. Didier Ludot in the Palais Royal will be starting at the top. The creme de la creme of luxury brands with the prices to match.
In many shops you can rent a bag or outfit for just a day...say you're attending a Chanel show.
These are consignment shops, but most of the used clothing will be in fairly good condition.
Some may still have original price tags attached. The 16e is loaded with depot-ventes. Four to five shops can line one street.
Look for "Names, Sweetie Darling, names!" Still plenty of consignment shops have mid and lower price clothing. Some are a complete grab bag. Clothing tossed into boxes with a single price.
Riciproque in the 16e is the grandaddy of consignments shops. Over 5,000 square feet to explore in a string of stores on both sides of the street. A lot more adventurous shopping than just visiting Paris' big glam department stores if you're into treasure hunts.
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And don't miss the flowering trees across from Bibliotheque Forney.
Xxx Carolg and Bear🐻.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rodin et la Danse

If you want to learn figure drawing copy Rodin, the master of the fluid line.
Last week. I saw a preview of the new, RODIN ET LA DANCE at the musee Rodin, 77 rue de Varenne.
An inspiring selection of 50 drawings plus maquettes, antiquities, photographs exploring the sculpture's fascination with art of dancing and movement.
Rodin surrounded himself with leading dancers of his day like Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Nijinski, often performing for him in his studio.
He adored the Royal Ballet of Cambodia when they visited Paris for the World Fair. Rodin sketching as a young dancer performs.
Rodin studied dance movements, the body's tensions, balance and imbalance.
Expressing the life force of the body, its vital energy.
Pieces from Rodin's collection of antiquities reflect his interest in the body's relationship to space.
The repetition of forms on a Grecian urn
Especially captivating his interest in awkward movements, imbalance.
Greek and Roman figurines showing the rhythmic flow of drapery on the moving figure
A marvelous quickie doodle on a hotel pad
Such an expressive economy of line. These could easily be contemporary modern dancers.

Really a glorious indepth exhibit offering many clues to Rodin's mythical sculptures, its on until the 22nd of July.
Last week was a triple-header of exciting exhibits and this week could be the same. Tomorrow is the preview of the THE RITZ PARIS auction at ARTCURIAL, Rond Point. The sale takes place from the 17th to 21st April. More info to come tomorrow post-preview.
What I wouldn't give for one cup and saucer. I had hot chocolate at the Ritz bar in 2009 and 2011.
Do I dare bring along Bear 🐻 to the Ritz preview tomorrow PBers ?

Monday, April 09, 2018

Art Paris Art Fair 2018

Last Wednesday was a bit like today...drizzly..a day where its easy to stay inside and draw. But ART PARIS was opening that night.
Grand Palais is always a treat to visit no matter how stay-at-home you feel.
Such a fantastic, airy space. Everybody was there. Long, long lines waiting to get. Plenty of pkids!
So much color. Always uplifting.
More color. Give me color and I'm there.
A plastic bottle guy montage.
Wall of eyes, round objects.
A gallery of Corbusier watercolor drawings.
What Parisians are wearing is half of the show.

Champagne chariots stratigically placed.

A 'thank you' note from Swiss kinetic artist Jean Tinguely painted on corrugated cardboard to a brazilian client. Hence forth PBers all thank you notes will be on cardboard...or something.
Loved these loose drawings. They look like they were drawn with a branch. I felt like I paint with a pin.
Armin's tubes of yellow ochre encased in plexiglass for posterity.
More color. Bold, splashy paintings from a Frankfurt gallery, Die Galerie.
On the way home in the metro station - Marimekko's bold, slpashy prints at Uniglo right now. I got the one the one on the left. The ISLE OF DOGS poster could have been in the show. 
Next year I won't hesitate to go to ART PARIS. No way.